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Meet Alexa

Age : 10

Alexa is a very outgoing and spunky girl. She is slow to warm up and trust people but once she knows you are trustworthy you have a friend for life. Alexa is a girly girl and loves to go shopping and dress up and get her nails done. She is very creative and loves to draw. Alexa is currently taking an art class. She is a leader in the school and other children at school tend to follow her. Alexa would do well in a family that can take the time to build trust and a positive attachment with her. She needs a family with unconditional commitment that will help her heal and be there by her side no matter what. Alexa loves animals, especially dogs and it would be important that her family has a dog or is open to Alexa having a dog of her own. Alexa has been through a great deal and deserves a loving family! Photograph by Ron Manahan

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