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Angelo & Emilio

Angelo & Emilio


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Meet Angelo

Age : 9

Angelo and Emilio are a fun, loving and energetic set of twins. They have had multiple placements in their short lives and are currently placed in separate homes. Angelo and Emilio want to live and grow as twin brothers.

Angelo enjoys playing soccer and on his x-box. He enjoys mathematics and wants to be a veterinarian when he grows up. He loves animals and hopes to have a farm of his own one day. He enjoys having fun at the beach and believes that the best thing about him is having a twin. 


Meet Emilio

Age : 9

Emilio also enjoys playing soccer and swimming at the beach. His favorite subject is also math. He would love being with his brother so that they can play superheroes. Emilio would play the Incredible Hulk and his brother, Angelo, would play Superman.  He would love to live with his brother.

Angelo and Emilio have a strong bond and they need each other now, more than ever.  These twins are in need of a committed forever family who will love, nurture and give them the permanency and stability that they need and deserve.

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