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Meet Dwayne

Age : 12

Dwayne is a charismatic and funny young man. He is a leader and was nominated and elected by his class as president this past year.  Dwayne is also athletic and enjoys playing soccer & participating in Aikido. He loves music and is currently learning how to play the trombone.  Dwayne wants to be an artist for anime when he grows up.

Dwayne’s favorite foods are any type of Italian food but he especially loves pizza, spaghetti & lasagna. His favorite color is red and his favorite holidays are Christmas & his birthday.  Dwayne’s favorite movie is Antman as he is tiny but powerful just like Dwayne.
Dwayne is in a great foster family but he needs a lifelong family to commit to him, provide him with structure & love and support him in all of his activities. He is an awesome young man & any parents would be lucky to have him as part of their family.    

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