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Gabriella & Eric & Annabelle

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Gabriella & Eric & Annabelle

Gabriella, Eric & Annabelle

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Meet Gabriella

Age : 10

Gabriella, Eric and Annabelle are a very bonded & loving sibling group. It is their deepest desire to be adopted together into a loving forever family. Gabriella, who also goes by “Gaby,” is 9 years old; she is the oldest of her sibling group. Gaby is very loyal and can be a little shy when you first meet her, but once you gain her trust, she is incredibly fun and friendly. Gaby enjoys singing, dancing and going to school.

Meet Eric

Age : 8

Eric is 7 years old; he is a very friendly and energetic little boy, who wishes that he could live with his sisters. Eric loves playing sports, his favorite is soccer! Eric’s favorite foods are pancakes and chocolate.  Eric likes animals and said that if he were to be any animal he would be a “cute-cat” who would “hangout with people.” 

Meet Annabelle

Age : 5

Annabelle is 4 years old; and is the youngest of her sibling group. Annabelle is very friendly, energetic, and quick to share her laugh and contagious smile with others. Annabelle admires and loves playing with her older two siblings.  

Gaby, Eric and Annabelle are a wonderful, fun and lovable sibling group, who want a loving forever family to grow up in together. Gaby has also expressed that if she had her dream come true she would be adopted into a family that shares her same religious beliefs and her younger siblings also expressed this particular desire.  

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