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Meet Isabella

Age : 8

Isabella is an adorable little girl whose infectious smile will melt your heart the second you meet her. Though Isabella is non-verbal, she is very intuitive to other’s emotions and shows affection with constant giggles, smiles and touches. Isabella is described as a “happy girl” and is always laughing.


Isabella attends school daily in a specialized classroom where she is making great strides in mobility, independence and improving her motor skills. She seems to enjoy school and all of the activities her classroom has to offer.


She loves to play with toys, watch Disney movies and listen to Disney music.  She also loves being around small children and although she is not able to play in the same manner as other children, she gets great enjoyment out of watching others play and being surrounded by constant interaction. Isabella would do very well in a big family or a family with other younger children. Isabella deserves to have a kind and loving family to offer her permanency.  It will take a special family to meet all of Isabella’s needs, however with the right match she is sure to bring endless joy to her forever family.

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