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Ja'red & Jaelah

Ja'red & Jaelah

Ja'red & Jaelah

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Meet Ja'red

Age : 14

Ja’red and Jaelah are part of an active and playful sibling group of four. Their two siblings, Jeremiah and Jazelle, were placed with an adoptive family that supports frequent visits but was unable to take all four children into their home. The strong bond these siblings share is evident in the way that they look out and care for each other. We are therefore searching for a family where Jaelah and Ja’red can grow up together and which will maintain the close relationship they have with their other siblings.

Ja’red, the oldest of the group, is a coordinated and energetic athlete. He especially enjoys basketball and participated in his community football team. Ja’red is a great team player and an excellent student who loves to hang out with his friends. Ja’red hopes to use his athleticism and bravery to become a fireman. He is very protective of his family and would do anything for them. The most important thing to Ja’red is ensuring that his siblings are there for each other.    


Meet Jaelah

Age : 12

Jaelah is spunky, creative and fun. Her energetic personality charges the atmosphere as she creates new games and activities for herself and her siblings to try out. Jaelah enjoys science, playing video games and eating cookies. She is a star athlete who plays soccer, basketball and most other sports. Jaelah likes one-on-one attention and would do well in a family that can provide her the love, care and attention she needs to thrive. 

Ja’red and Jaelah need a family that is committed and dedicated to thier individual needs as well as their needs as a sibling group. This family will need patience and understanding of all that the children have experienced in their short lives.  Ja’red and Jaelah are two adorable and lovable children who deserve a family to call theirs forever.

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