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Meet Lyann

Age : 11

Lyann is a beautiful and sweet girl with a bright smile and a kind heart.  She is funny, active, smart and engaging.  She loves to dance and is great at gymnastics.  She enjoys creating art and short stories, reading the Goosebumps series, and learning about space.  Lyann also enjoys going to Disneyland.  She feels very connected to animals and enjoys caring for them. 


Lyann is in need of a loving, flexible, and trauma informed family.  She is actively working on positive coping skills to help address the grief and loss she has experienced.  Lyann is striving for self development and is learning to be a better friend.  Lyann has an older brother and will need a family that facilitates and encourages their sibling relationship.  She is looking for a family that will support her dreams and will be there for her during her life’s journey. 

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