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Meet Newra

Age : 14

Newra is an outgoing, creative and vivacious fourteen-year-old who recently began high school. She has a great sense of humor and gets along well with everyone she meets. She has a unique style and feels most comfortable wearing men’s clothing. Newra has some manageable medical needs, however she is very knowledgeable and responsible with her medical care.


Newra is very independent and marches to the beat of her own drum, literally. She enjoys playing the drums, singing and has even written her own songs about the challenges she has faced and her hopes for the future. Newra would like to participate in a music program that would allow her to record her music. Most of all Newra enjoys bringing joy to others through her singing and songwriting.


Although Newra has been through a lot in her young life, she remains positive and hopeful about the future. Newra hopes for a family to offer her guidance and love as she moves through her teenage years. She hopes for parents that she can look up to as role models to give her the confidence to go out into the world. She needs and deserves a family who will be there for her and keep her on a positive track in life.



Photograph by:

Ron Manahan

The Squier Group

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