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Symphony & Andrew & Patience

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Symphony & Andrew & Patience

Symphony, Andrew, & Patience

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Meet Symphony

Age : 16

Symphony is an amazing big sister and protector of her younger siblings. She likes being active and her favorite things to do include singing and playing softball. She loves school and her favorite subjects are science and math. She hopes to be a biologist or chemist when she grows up. Symphony also enjoys swimming, roller skating and listening to all types of music but her favorites are pop, gospel, rhythm & blues.

Meet Andrew

Age : 14

Andrew is a growing boy and likes to eat all kinds of foods but his favorite is Mexican food. He likes playing soccer and playing on the computer.  Andrew really enjoys drawing and hopes to be an architect when he grows up. Andrew is a great brother and is very close to his sisters.

Meet Patience

Age : 11

Patience is a “girly girl” and her favorite color is purple.  She loves doing gymnastics and her favorite TV show is “Full House.” Patience also really likes animals, especially dogs. She has a great sense of humor and will make you laugh with her silliness.     


This close sibling group have been through a lot together and lean on each other for support. This sibling set of three needs a committed family that will open their hearts and their home to them so they can stay together as siblings. They need a family that will support them and guide them as they grow into young adults.    


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