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Meet Tyler

Age : 17

Tyler is a sweet and polite young man.  He is 16 years old but appears much younger due to some delays.  Tyler enjoys playing with younger children and some of his favorite activities include building things with Legos, puzzles and coloring.  He loves going on walks and being outdoors in nature.  Tyler is an active young man and likes participating in all types of sporting activities but basketball is his preferred sport to play.  His favorite superheroes are Spiderman and Ironman.  He is a master at Uno cards and takes pride in his skills.  He likes listening to music and singing songs brings him joy and helps calm him when he is upset.  Tyler still finds comfort in stuffed animals and he takes pleasure in reading books and cuddling with his stuffed animals as part of his nighttime routine.


Tyler needs a committed family that will advocate for him and ensure all of his services and needs are met.  He would do best in a family with younger children or a family that has the time and attention to devote to him.  Tyler is a neat young man and deserves a great family!    


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Shane & Lauren Photography 

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